Sleepy Puppies is Molly Gale + Jancarlo Beck (Managing Directors) and Stephanie Perez (Head of Production). 

We came up in the old world of advertising and production  but we've known for a long time that we wanted to do things a little bit differently.  So we said goodbye to the standard procedures and the role-restrictive labels and started playing jazz.  

Whatever stage your project is at -- whether it's a seeding of an idea or a fully scripted 15 minute content piece -- let's get our heads together and talk about how to make it the most awesomest type of awesome.  Let's push the creative limits and think about impact first and foremost.  Let's tailor the production process and the creative team to exactly what we need and nothing else. 

Music video, short doc, weird VR installation or just an ad for yogurt or something, we're into it.  

xx - Molly, Jancarlo & Steph